NIT Srinagar observes ‘Constitution Day’

All heads of the departments attended the pledge ceremony at common hall of the institute

Srinagar: The National Institute of Technology (NIT) Srinagar Friday observed Constitution Day at Common Hall as per the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Education, Government of India.
The event was presided over by Prof M F Wani (Dean Research and Consultancy) and it was coordinated by Dr. Srinibash Mishra, Assistant Professor at Metallurgy and Metallurgical Engineering Department.
The reading of the preamble and the pledge administration (both in Hindi and English) took place at the scheduled time 11 am in front of a large gathering consisting of faculty, students, and staff of the Institute.
Dr. Yashwant Mehta, HOD & Associate Professor, MME Department read the preamble to the Constitution of India and pledged to uphold the spirit of the document which makes the largest democracy function.
In-charge, Director NIT Srinagar, Prof (HAG), G.A Harmain said on this day country adopted the Constitution to eradicate social evils and provide equal justice to all sections of the public.
“It gives us rare chance to go back to the commitment made in the constitution and today again let us all take a pledge to fulfill fundamental duties for the progress of our nation”, he said.
In his message, Prof. (Dr.) Rakesh Sehgal, Director NIT said, “We must pledge to reaffirm the values at the heart of this great unifying document: Justice, Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.
He said it took 2 years, 11 months, and 17 days to prepare the longest and most comprehensive constitution in the world.
Prof Sehgal said the day is marked to create awareness of the importance of the Indian constitution and the main contributor, Dr BR Ambedkar.
Registrar NIT Srinagar Prof. Kaiser Bukhari said constitution day is also known as ‘Samvidhan Divas’, is celebrated to commemorate the adoption of the Constitution of India on November 26 in 1949.
He said from the framing of the constitution from its history to its present-day form, and it played a vital role in bringing together ‘an idea called India’. It united the country and laid the foundation for the largest democratic setup in the world.
“Our constitution was not printed but handwritten and calligraphic both in Hindi and English languages.” Prof Bukhari said.
The event was attended by all heads of all departments and faculty members and students of the NIT Srinagar.


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