Is Online Gambling Legal in Kashmir?

The public gambling act 1867 doesn’t permit any gambling in the whole of India except where skill is needed. Considering that when this law was drafted the internet had not yet been invented, online gambling wasn’t considered. The central government left it upon individual states in India to decide about the legality of online gambling. Kashmir adheres to the Jammu and Kashmir Public Gambling Act 1977, which forbids all kinds of betting, including online gambling. This is because a large part of Kashmir’s population is Muslim.

The Muslim community is less accepting of betting and gambling, leading to strict anti-gambling laws. If you’re found gambling, in private or in public, or linked to a gambling operation in Kashmir, an officer of the law is free to apprehend you even without a warrant. You can be sent to a judicial magistrate where the penalty doesn’t go beyond 500 rupees or a six months jail term. However, you can safely gamble online using your phone or any other digital device.

The extent of the Public Gambling Act 1977

Jammu and Kashmir Public Gaming Act 1977 restricts all kinds of gambling in typical gaming houses throughout the entire state. A common gaming house refers to a room, home, tent, vehicle, or any walled vessel or enclosure meant to generate profit for the owner. Running a gaming house or being caught in one is seen as a crime punishable by law. The police are authorized to go into and search the places they suspect are used for gaming.

The state of casinos in Kashmir

Nirmal Singh, Jammu and Kashmir Deputy Chief Minister in 2015, believed that imitating Goa’s casino model would improve Jammu and Kashmir tourism in the long term. The minister said that casinos could happen, though it wasn’t a priority.

Casino in Jammu

Jammu is the winter capital of Jammu and Kashmir. It acts as the capital from November to April every year. Since it’s the largest city in the Jammu district’s union territory, it provides a lot of opportunities for online gambling.

Casino in Srinagar

Srinagar is Jammu and Kashmir’s summer capital. It acts as the capital between May and October each year. Considering that Srinagar is Jammu and Kashmir’s largest city, it’s stable internet connection that can be accessed through dongle technology and Wi-Fi makes it a perfect hub for online gambling.  Owing to the robust internet connections, you can play teen patti for cash, and other games online from Srinagar.

Jammu and Kashmir horse racing

Horse racing is one of the skill games in India, but there aren’t horse racing events in Kashmir where you can legally place your bets. However, you can visit Lal Draman in Doda to watch horse racing. There are online gambling sites from around the world where you can place bets on horse racing competitions.

Jammu and Kashmir lottery

Jammu and Kashmir isn’t among the thirteen states that run their lotteries, but you can find good lottery gambling online. With online lottery becoming the latest craze, you can buy lottery tickets online to access a number of the world’s biggest lotteries, such as desi players.

The state of poker, rummy, flush, and other card games

Poker and rummy are games of skill and can be played with family and friends. However, if you want to make money, try playing online card games. Besides being safe, you can also find trusted payment methods and play audited, fair games.

Sports betting

Cricket is huge in the whole of India, with Jammu and Kashmir not being left out. Since the union territory has a strong bond, cricket betting is part of daily life. Sports betting isn’t considered legal gambling in India, except in Sikkim, but you can still place bets online on your sports of choice.

How to do online gambling from Jammu and Kashmir

To gamble online, you need a strong internet connection. Next, look for a secure and trusted online casino and sign up. Find a safe method for putting money in your account and select the game you want to play. Play and try your luck at winning.

Jammu and Kashmir is an ideal state for online gambling. To have an exceptional gaming experience, gamble at your discretion and keep off gaming houses. Since no arrests for online gaming have been reported in Jammu and Kashmir, you can safely play in your home’s privacy.


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