Director CQRC, Canada delivers second talk of “Beyond Classroom Lecture series” at NIT Srinagar

Prof. Sehgal appreciates HOD Physics Dr Shah for multiple initiatives in the department

Srinagar: In continuation to the “Beyond Classroom Lecture Series” by the Department of Physics, National Institute of Technology (NIT) Srinagar, Dr. Mir Faizal, Scientific Director Canadian Quantum Research Centre (CQRC), Canada delivered his talk on the recent trends in theoretical physics on Wednesday.
The long lecture ended with a question-answer session which was mostly carried with new entrants PG students of physics. The lecture series is hosted by the department of physics, NIT Srinagar to expose students to a variety of topics beyond their curriculum and also provide a platform to interact and exchange ideas with the expert, to make them well-rounded individuals.
Director NIT Srinagar Prof. (Dr.) Rakesh Sehgal lauded the role of the Department for such initiatives and assured to extend all support to carry it throughout the semester.
“Such lectures will help students to make collaborations abroad and learn new things from the world-class luminaries,” he said.
In his message, Registrar NIT Srinagar Prof. Syed Kaiser Bukhari said that the lecture series will benefit students and help them to explore more options in the field of Physics and beyond.
The scientific talk was attended by the research scholars, postgraduate students besides a number of students from adjoining institutions, including the faculty of the department.
Dr Faizal talked about the recent scientific developments across the globe in sciences and encouraged the students to excel in the field and seek opportunities at higher levels.
“Graphene is a wonderful two-dimensional material that needs to be explored further,” he said.
The speaker thanked the department of physics for the invitation and acclaimed Dr. MA Shah for his efforts in bringing excellence in the teaching and research activities in the department.
Dr. P A Ganaie, an eminent theoretician, presided over the guest lecture, whereas Dr Vijay Kumar coordinated the programme.
Subsequent to the scientific talk, Director Prof. Sehgal made an exemplary visit to all the physics department laboratories along with faculty members and had firsthand knowledge of all experiments.
Appreciating the rule for establishing the state of art laboratories and expect that the laboratories shall be made open for the college and university students of the region.
During his brief interaction with the new entrants and 3rd Semester of postgraduate students who raised their genuine demands were assured that all possible help can be extended.
Minor issues related to contingencies of the project students and other related matters shall be addressed on priorities. The second session was attended by research scholars and apprised the director regarding their pending issues.
In a coincidence, Prof. V K Jain from Gujrat University also spoke on the occasion and gave a detailed initiative of Gujrat University and the department of Chemistry.
Dr. Shah in his brief address in joint session assured that with the kind support of the Hon’ble Director, Registrar, Faculty, Staff and Students, the department will have a unique place in the country and beyond.
Ms Surbhi Rajpot, Ms Tanzella and Ms Darkshan who worked tirelessly for the successful NBL-2021 event were also facilitated by the Director and Prof V K Jain. Dr. Shah HoD Physics who gave a brief outline about the department made sincere thanks to the Director for his support, visit and words of wisdom.
Shah also apprised that the batch 2021 of MSc Physics are of intellectual calibre they need to be given soft skills and polishing. The event was coordinated Dr. Vijay Kumar and a vote of thanks was given by Prof. Rubab.


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