We hope there will now be peace in Afghanistan: Hurriyat

We hope there will now be peace in Afghanistan: Hurriyat

Srinagar: The All Parties Hurriyat Conference (APHC) led by incarcerated chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq in a statement said that after the unfolding of confusing and chaotic events in Afghanistan during the past month, the APHC hopes that the formation of the new government will put an end to four decades of ceaseless conflict and uncertainty in that country.

The APHC said that it understands that no two conflict regions are the same and the differences between Afghanistan and Kashmir are well-known. “However, we in Kashmir can surely empathise with the common people of the country who also have been living in a state of acute uncertainty for forty years. Long-term uncertainty takes its toll and we hope that people of Afghanistan will come out of it soon. We also hope that as the country begins the process of building its own future and realising its aspirations, all regional and international member countries will extend their support to it,” the APHC said.

“The APHC also hopes that the new dispensation in Afghanistan is inclusive and broad-based and bears in mind that Islam as a religion is unambiguous in advocating human equality and rights, economic fairness and religious tolerance as foundational values. It hopes that these values will be the guiding principles of the new dispensation both in letter and spirit, as well as keeping up with internationally accepted norms. APHC wishes the citizens of Afghanistan peace and progress in their land and stability for the region,” it added.


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