Youth Goes ‘Missing’ In Kupwara; Army says he was not working as porter anymore





Kupwara: After father of a 23-year-old youth lodged a missing report with police that his son has gone missing while working with army as porter in Kupwara district of north Kashmir, the latter clarified that he was not working as porter with army while one the relatives of the youth said that he is working in Srinagar.


Official sources said the family of Javaid Ahmed Magrey son of Bashir Ahmed Magrey of Parmohalla Keegam Kupwara, lodged a missing report with the police on August 3.


Javaid, who had been working as porter with Army Camp Kalaroose, left from home towards Kalaroose some three weeks ago, his father said. “His phone was continuously switched off and we thought there might be technical issues as possible reason for it,” Bashir Ahmad Magrey, father of the youth, told GNS. “When there was no contact, we approached army and we were informed that he has not reported to the camp.”


Subsequently, the family lodged a missing report with Police Post Drugmulla on August 3. A police official confirmed the filing of the missing report. “Further proceedings have been launched,” the official added.


An army officer said that Javaid was working as the porter with army till May 28, 2021 and after which his contract came to an end.

“He also worked for only few months with the army as porter,” the army officer said.


To a question that Javaid told family that he was going for work as porter, the army officer said, “He can tell family anything and army cannot stop him from saying whatever he told family. The fact of the matter is that he left after his contract came to an end and whatever he tells his family is not within our control.”


Bilal Ahmad, a relative of the youth, said  that he called Javaid and that he is working in Srinagar. “There is some dispute in the family and that is why he is keeping the phone switched off. He is working in Srinagar, doing some labour related job,” he said. (GNS)

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