Mirwaiz pays glowing tribute to Hazrat Uthman Ghani (RA)

Srinagar: Mirwaiz-e-Kashmir Dr Moulvi Muhammad Umar Farooq, who continues to be under house arrest for the last two years, has paid glowing tributes to the Rightly Guided Third Caliph of Islam, Ameer-ul-Moomineen Hazrat Uthman Ghani (RA) on his martyrdom anniversary, terming him “the figure of knowledge and action, patience and modesty, trust and honesty and courage and generosity”.
Mirwaiz-e-Kashmir said the great services of Hazrat Uthman Ghani (RA) to Islam, the Messenger of Allah (SAW) and the holy Qur’an are unforgettable.
In a statement, Mirwaiz said that the Caliph Uthman Ghani (RA) was not only an individual among all the Companions of the Prophet (SAW) due to his position, grace and perfection and outstanding services to Islam but he also had the honour and distinction of being referred by the Prophet (SAW) as Dhu’l-Nurayn, Dhu’l-Hijratayn and Dhu al-Basharatayn at the same time.
Mirwaiz urged the Muslims to renew their commitment on the day of martyrdom of Hazrat Uthman Baa Haya (RA) to pledge to adopt the lives of the Rightly Guided Caliphs (RA) as their model and to adopt their great teachings in their practical lives.
Mirwaiz stressed that there is a need to accelerate positive efforts, individually and collectively, in order to reform the society which is facing serious problems and to overcome the challenges faced by the Muslim Ummah.
This will be the greatest tribute to the Righteous Caliph Hazrat Uthman Ghani (RA), Mirwaiz said.

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