Winds knock down century old Chinar at Pampore

Pampore: Gusty winds on Saturday evening knocked down a century old Chinar tree which locals claim as a landmark tree in the surrounding area as it is famous for its cool shade .
This chinar tree locally called ‘Poshih Boen’ flowering Chinar had been named after the it being located in an area having a boom of Saffron flowers in the town Pampore.
The revenue department officials including Naib Tehsildar and Revenue official Mir Murawat Hussain visited the spot and started investigating the cause of the collapse.
told Kashmir Reader that the importance of the Chinar could be gauged by the fact that during the flowering of Saffron every tired person rested under its shade.
The village head Abdul Raheem Chat told Kashmir Reader that the chinar had been a companion of tiredness and refuge to the children who could not work in fields.
” All the people working in the fields always relished the flowering feasts under this tree which now has become a history,” he said, adding that what now remains is this enormous truck of this green shade.
Significant portion of this tree was still green, even though it had shown signs of age with its trunk rotting.
Luckily no one was hurt in the accident, however, a portion of chain link fencing of a nearby government department was damaged due to the fall.

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