SHA conducts 4 days virtual workshop/ training on STGs

SRINAGAR: The State Health Agency (SHA) (Ayushman Bharat Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojna-SEHAT) J&K held 4day workshop cum training from 7th to 10th June on Standard Treatment Guidelines (STGs) with the empanelled health care providers in UT of J&K.
The virtual workshop cum training started with a brief discussion on the importance of following the STGs.
It was given out that the workshop cum training was conducted to ensure that STGs are being implemented by all concerned stakeholders on ground so that beneficiaries do not face any problem and are able to avail the scheme hassle free and with ease.
During this training cum workshop, Hospitals were strictly advised to follow the guidelines of Turn Around Time (TAT) so that beneficiaries are able to avail the benefits of the scheme without any hassle. It was informed that the date of discharge mentioned in TAT guidelines shall be considered as actual discharge and hospitals were instructed to select the same date of discharge in TMS as mentioned in discharge certificate.
Further clarity regarding the uploading of documents on TMS was also provided by the representatives of SHA.
Insurance Team were strictly advised not to raise unnecessary queries to the hospitals as the same causes hindrance in their work and were advised to follow guidelines in letter and spirit.
Hospitals were asked to raise a request if they found any case that needed to be reconsidered.
It was also planned that time to time orientation training shall be conducted for PMAMs/ Medico/PPDs/CPDs by SHA and ISA.
The SHA stressed upon that such training cum workshops shall be held and conducted from time to time to ensure that least problems are being faced by beneficiaries in availing this scheme and that all the guidelines are being followed and implemented on ground in letter and spirit.

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