Deep Ayurveda formulated ‘Swasani’ a herbal remedy for respiratory and lung diseases in corona pandemic

SRINAGAR: Where the whole country is engaged in this battle of corona epidemic, Ayurveda also has a great contribution in the prevention of corona, in this situation, the world famous Ayurvedic organization “Deep Ayurveda” has formulated such a ayurvedic formulation “Swasani” which is very helpful to improve the entire respiratory system.
Along with this, it also detoxify the lungs and help to increase the immunity of the body, Chief Ayurveda Consultant & Director of Deep Ayurveda – Dr Baldeep Kaur and CEO-Vishnu Datt told that – Since the last 4-5 years we are continuously using this formulation on patients those were e suffered from respiratory-related issues. Now in current epidemic, we also giving this formulation to patients who having respiratory related issues and in our clinical practice, we found that Swasani having very good results to manage respiratory-related issues as well as also helps to improve our immune system without having any side effects because it is formulated with 100% Ayurvedic herbal extracts that helps to remove the accumulated mucus and toxins from the lungs and rejuvenate the entire respiratory tract system. Important thing is that “Swasani” does not have any side effects and every age can take it. Even it is very beneficial for children too. This herbal remedy will soon be available at all major Ayurvedic & other medical stores in India and it will prove to be a very useful natural solution for the people in this corona pandemic.
Deep Ayurveda Official’s also told that in this second wave of corona, Deep Ayurveda taken a very good initiative and had also started 24×7 free ayurvedic doctor helpline – 080-6914-6914 last month, in which any person sitting at home can call and take help about Ayurveda and their health related issue, so far more than 50000 people have taken advantage of this free Ayurveda Doctors Helpline. Dr. Baldeep Kaur also said that objective of Deep Ayurveda is to spread the authentic Ayurveda to every home and The objective of Ayurveda is to protect health of the body and to alleviate disorders in the diseased

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