Wildlife Dept issues advisory on avoiding any man ­­-animal conflict

BUDGAM:After the death of a four year old girl from Housing Colony Ompora caused by a leopard, the department of wildlife protection has issued the advisory for people in order to avoid such man animal conflicts besides sharing their numbers in case of any sighting of wild animals.
As per the advisory issued by the the regional wild life Warden Kashmir said that the people should not move alone especially during the early and late hours. children and women should be more careful, hence they must move in groups.
“The people should avoid going to the nearby forest area in the early morning and evening hours which is the peak time for leopard to move, ” the advisory said.
It also cautioned the people not to chase or try to go near to the leopard if sighted from a distance.” It has been observed that whenever leopard is sighted, people make a lot of noise which can prove dangerous. As such the wild animal feels insecure and may attack, ” the Advisory reads.
The advisory said that the cattle shed in the houses should be constructed strong enough, using wooden material or concrete. Livestock, poultry and pets should be attended by three to four persons. Any type of bell or sound producing device be put around the neck of the cattle. They should also be kept in safe sheds before onset of dusk.
It further added that people should avoid using of the bush growths and forested areas for nature call in late evening and night hours, this time coincides with peak activity of leopard. Provide sufficient light around your utilities and outside your home, ” Advisory said.
In case any leopard is seen, the people should informed immediately the forest department, wild life protection department and forest Protection force as per given number which wild protection department have issued already.

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