Jammu pediatricians suggest steps to safeguard children

JAMMU: A sense of apprehension is prevailing around the impending “third wave” of Covid-19 among the masses. It is said that it is going to target children, a section of society which might never be able to defend the infection as the other age groups. In this regard, several pediatricians of Jammu shared their advice.
Professor Department of Pediatrics, SMGS Hospital Jammu, Dr Sanjeev Kumar Digra has said that irrespective of the hyped third-wave of Covid-19, young children have always been at risk of contracting the infection. Although, in earlier waves, the infection was observed to be asymptomatic and mild in nature, it could become more serious in future, he said.
‘The onus of protecting children from Covid-19 lies upon elders. If they religiously follow Covid appropriate behaviour, they can make sure that the infection doesn’t reach their kids at home’.
The doctor has also reminded parents to get children their routine vaccines in order to prevent other deadly diseases. ‘Vaccines help prevent numerous deadly diseases in children. If only they’re protected from them all, can we expect our children to have strong immunity against Covid also’, he said.
Associate Professor, Department of Pediatrics at SMGS Hospital, Dr Anuj Bhatti said that if a child is suffering from high grade fever for more than three days, is not eating well, starts vomitting, not breathing naturally, has bluish discolouration on body parts, has sunken eyes or dry lips, and his/ her oxygen saturation level dips below 94, has conjunctivitis or pain in neck, stomach ache, one must immediately consult a doctor telephonically, or through eSanjeevani telemedicine facility. If a child displays symptoms of Covid, get the child tested for Covid, and treat him accordingly, he adds.

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