Kamaal expresses concern over unavailability of vaccines at health facilities in Kashmir

Srinagar: The Jammu and Kashmir National Conference on Sunday expressed concern over the unavailability of vaccines across government designated vaccine centers in Kashmir and asked the admin to ramp up the capacity to keep up with the spread of the infection. This was stated by the Party’s Additional General Secretary Dr. Sheikh Mustafa Kamal, while voicing concern over the shortage of required COVID-19 vaccine at all vaccination centers across Kashmir.
Kamal said the claims of the Administration on the availability of drugs have fallen flat. “Of late people had started to turn over for vaccination but the chaos following the unavailability of vaccines at vaccination centers is discouraging. The prevailing scenario will affect the fresh walk ins. Various state governments have issued advisories in wake of the vaccine shortfall asking the public to not visit vaccination centers until the fresh consignments of the vaccines arrive and that the resumption of vaccination drive will start following stocking up of adequate vaccines following which the people will be intimidated to throng to vaccination centers. Why cannot the administration do it here? Why is hoax being played on people? I hope the JK administration, which has been economical with truth about the scenario, will follow the examples set up in other states and handle the situation carefully,” he said. He stated that the people visiting hospitals for a vaccine jab are being asked to come after two days. This he said has become a daily norm at all designated vaccine centers, with people flocking to such centers only to return without getting a jab. If the authorities have no idea about the availability of vaccinates why is it that people are being made to throng vaccination centers, he asked. “The administration should simply ask the people to stay home until the vaccine stocks are restocked,” he said.
He also expressed concern over the failure of the administration to ramp up bed capacity at various governments designated covid-19 centers denouncing the hyper campaign and shoddy propaganda of admin on creating more bedded facilities for patients. “People are being made to wait to get beds for their loved ones gasping for breaths. This debunks the claim of administration. The situation demands more than mere cosmetic exercises. How can we expect this administration to steer us through the crises that have just set in. There is no way it can help people cope with the coming challenges the ongoing crises will have on the economy, and development. I take this opportunity to urge the Honorable High Court to step in and educate the administration on their duties,” he added.


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