KTA for alternative working days for employees in government offices

Srinagar: Expressing concern over the presence of Covid 19 virus in employees of government institutions and departments, Ajaz Shahdhar, President, Kashmir Trade Alliance(KTA), said that the teaching process in government schools has been closed, so why should teachers attend schools?. He said that the lives of about 50,000 teachers were being endangered as about 30 teachers had contracted the deadly disease in the last one week.
He questioned “when there were no students in the schools, why these teachers? Why are they being asked to attend schools, it would have been better if they had been instructed to start teaching students from home online classes”.
He said that private schools have already started teaching students through online methods, and even after a lapse of one month, nothing has been introduced in Govt schools.
Shahdhar said with the presence of these teachers in the schools their families are also endangered, and they also creates congestion in the transport required to reach the schools He said that if in the true sense we want to break the chain of Covid 19, then the Administration will have to take decisions with seriousness and strategically . Ajaz Shahdhar said that other offices should also be covered and alternative working days for employees should also be announced there.

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