Baramulla: Despite the night curfew imposed by authorities in Baramulla and in other areas of Kashmir, the Sehar Khans who beat drums in pre-dawn hours to wake Muslims for Sehri and prayers in the month of Ramzan are back in action across Kashmir, right from the first day of the holy month.
Mohammad Shaban, a resident of Tangmarg area, has resumed his work in Chandil and other areas of beating drums to awaken people for Sehri. For this he receives money from people in the last days of the holy month. Some people also provide clothes and rice, bread and other goods in the last three-four days of Ramzan.
“I have been beating the drum in this holy month for the past fifty years,” Shaban said. “In the last days of the month, people pay me. Some give cash while others also provide other goods.”
Similarly, Sehar Khans have started their services in Baramulla, Sopore, Rafiabad, and in many other areas of north Kashmir.
“I resumed my work after a long time, after about 25 years, because there was militancy in our region and the people were worried about their safety,” said Gulam Mustafa, a Sehar Khan in Baramulla.
“The beating of drums was a popular tradition which ended during the years of militancy in our region. However, in the past two-three years the situation overall is okay. The police now also allow us to perform our service,” Mustafa said.


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