Brooke Bond Taj Mahal launches commercial urging viewers to slow down with a cup of tea

NEW DELHI: We live in a world where keeping busy is how we measure our happiness. We passionately make plans and feel delighted in chasing them. But the truth is, that life’s most rewarding moments aren’t found in grand plans or great adventures. Instead, they are found when we are in our own company, breaking away from our schedules, even if it’s just for a while.
It’s these hidden moments that Taj Mahal Tea urges us to find. With its new television commercial, aptly titled “Fursat Waali Chai” the brand reminds us to hit the pause button when life becomes too hectic – to allow oneself a moment of peace and to uncover the magic in the mundane.
Featuring the famed classical vocalist, Nirali Kartik, the film showcases a charming conversation between her and a steaming tea kettle, wherein the tea poetically cajoles her into taking a break from her practice to savour a cup. Soon, Nirali gives in to temptation and enjoys the cup of tea by herself while soaking in the sights and sounds of the palatial garden.
Along with being a visual delight, it’s also the film’s soulful music that adds to the grandeur. The composition that has been created from Raga Asa Mand beautifully lifts the film and highlights the theme of finding magic in solitude. As the film begins to unfold, we notice that the music very flirtatiously begins to complement the visual storytelling. This poetic amalgamation of classical music, a moment of solitude, and an ever-delightful cup of Taj Mahal tea are all things that arrest audiences’ minds and create a sense of belonging in their hearts.
The effortlessness with which the film demonstrates the pleasure in stolen moments, especially the ones spent with oneself is what stays with us. It is a film that makes us appreciate the small things and pushes us to find calm in the chaos.
Commenting on the TVC launch, Shiva Krishnamurthy, Vice President, Tea & Foods (HUL) said, “For 30 years, Brooke Bond Taj Mahal has promoted Indian classical music through memorable and iconic advertising. Through our latest TVC, we urge people to steal moments from their hectic lives and revel in their own company. Nothing could evoke that feeling better than a cup of Taj Mahal tea and the soulful rendition of Asa Mand by Nirali Kartik.”


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