19th Junior National Wushu Championship

Sadia Tariq wins gold medal

SRINAGAR: living up to the expectations Sadia Tariq and Sana Basharat won gold and Bronze medals respectively in the 19th Junior National Wushu Championship held at Haryana Fatehabad earlier this week.
Sadia Tariq from J&K won Gold medal by defeating Haryana in final fight under under 52 Kg categry.
Speaking about her journey Sadia Traiq sadi that she always aspired to be a Martial Artist, started her Career in Martial Arts when she was in First Standard.
Sadia said, after I participated in the first Taekwondo competition and won Bronze Medal, I won lot of praises and appreciation from my coaches and especially my father who supported me throughout since the start of Martial Arts and In the same year I went to New Delhi to participate in 3rd open India Taekwondo championship and also won Bronze medal there.
Sadia further said, it was entire family and especially my father who has been my first mentor who encouraged me to participate in the sport, without his support I would not have been able to carry on with the sport I always admired to be.
In the year 2017, trails were being held at Indoor Stadium for 10th Open National Taekwondo Championship, and my father said to me to go for the trails, though the competition was tough, which made me hesitant, but it was my father who pushed me to go for trails.
“Alongside my father I went to Indoor Stadium and I got selected for the even which eventually after participating in the championship, I won Silver Medal”, she said.
Talking about her Martial Art Career Sadia told,”Now it was the time to make it to Gold Medalists, and I participated in Sub Juniors National Taekwondo Championship held in Pune Maharashtra and there I won my First Gold Medal, which i surely owe to my father.”
My Daughters my strength says their proud father Tariq Lone,
” I have been always supportive to my daughters and they are my strength. I always supported and encouraged my daughters for sports and I believe a sports person or athlete will never harm himself and will always focus on their fitness.”
“Their participation in the sports was inspiration for me to join the daily routine fitness and I am proud of my daughters and they are my strength”, he said.
Sehar Tariq a science student but does not aspire to become a doctor or engineer, rather getting inspiration from the younger sister Sehar too joined the Martial Arts and aspiring to set her career as professional Martial Artist.
Sehar who has many Gold Medals in her bucket after competing in many National Level and State Level Championships.
While speaking to Sehar and Sadia they said, Covid-19 Pandemic was a halt on our routine practice, and for a athelete it is very difficult to be without the routine manual of practice.
It was our Coaches and Trainers who encouraged us to continue the practice. After the due consultation with our father we rejoined the practice in Stadium after the Sports Ministry announced the Covid-19 SoPs and Guidelines.
There is lot of talent among girls as far as the Martial Arts are concerned and girls do have dreams to become a professional In the particular sport but all it needs the parental support, most of the talented girls drop out just because they don’t get enough support from the family, they said.
” Our dream is to represent the country and more importantly we want to see ourself participating in the Olympics and make our country and our father proud”, they said.
Both the players comes form Srinagar and get their training under coach Rameez ahmad Dar, Aijaz Hassan , Irfan Ah Wani and Mohammad Maqsood Rather.
District Wushu Asociation Srinagar congratulates both Sadia and Sana for their achievement in the nationals . District Wushu association Srinagar is thankful to wushu association of J&K and Kuldeep Handoo (first Dronacharya Awardee of J&K and chief coach of india ) for their support .

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