Save trees, save life

Save trees, save life

Trees form the most essential component of our environment. They take in sunlight, water and carbon dioxide to produce oxygen which helps support all forms of life on earth. Without trees, survival is impossible as there will be no food for animals or human beings. We simply cannot live without trees. Trees are like the lungs of the earth. They consume carbon dioxide and provide us with fresh oxygen to breathe. They also keep the air clean.
Human beings and herbivores are largely dependent on them as they are sources of food. Coconuts, hazelnuts, apples, cherries and pears are just some of the delicious foods that come from trees.
Trees make the mother earth look beautiful and relaxing. They nourish various life forms in many ways. Planting more trees will also add to the earth’s natural beauty. Trees fight water pollution and prevent soil erosion. Tree roots hold the soil in hills or fields in place and prevent it from being blown away by water or wind. When trees are cut down, an area can quickly become a windswept desert. Fallen leaves from trees turn into mulch which makes the soil full of vital minerals and other nutrients for other plants and animals to thrive in. Trees prevent floods as their roots form a physical barrier to water runoff and stop the soil from being washed away. Further, the tree roots also suck water up from the soil and help to prevent flooding. They prevent pollutants from flowing into water sources.
Trees maintain the ecological balance of the environment. Trees form a natural habitat for animals, birds, insects, and wildlife. Noise pollution and air pollution are also controlled by trees. If we cut down more and more trees, pollution will increase and it will affect human life as well as of animals, birds, and fishes.
Fine particulates present in the air are trapped by trees in their leaves and bark, making the air we breathe cleaner. Many industries like rubber, paper, medicine, etc, are dependent on trees and their products.

How we can save trees:
(1) Plant a tree on a special date every month. Not only on Earth Day.
(2) Use second-hand books instead of buying new books. It saves both money and paper, which automatically saves the trees.
(3) Trees must be protected from fire and other manmade disasters.
(4) Campaigns, processions and rallies can be organised to promote reforestation and tree planting.
(5) Large number of people should gather for campaigns to request people to plant trees in their surroundings.
In today’s world different environment-related crisis like global warming, environmental pollution, melting of glaciers, etc, are common. These problems are the result of deforestation. Such problems can be controlled by planting more and more trees.

The writer is a BSc student at Govt Degree College Bhaderwah. [email protected]

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