‘Legacy of Sufis, Reshis indispensable to our rich heritage, culture’

‘Legacy of Sufis, Reshis indispensable to our rich heritage, culture’



Srinagar: Kashmir University’s Markaz-i Noor Centre for Shaikh-ul-Aalam Studies (CSAS) on Saturday organised another extension lecture on Shaikh-ul-Aalam (RA).

Renowned historian and philosopher Prof Sanaullah Parvaz delivered the lecture—second in a week’s time—titled ‘Contested Reading of Shaikh-ul-Aalam’.

Referring to iconic role of Shaikh-ul-Aalam (RA) in promoting harmony and brotherhood in Kashmir, Prof Parvaz stressed on the need to adhere to the rich Reshi-Sufi precepts in the contemporary scenario, and to understand Shaikh-ul-Aalam’s poems and make them accessible to the young generation.

“The iconic role of Sufis and Reshis in cultural transformation of Kashmir at an important juncture of our history has to be the main focus of our scholars as the legacy of Sufis and Reshis is indispensable to Kashmir heritage and culture,” he said, asserting that efforts need to be made to incorporate their glorious teachings in the curriculum.

The discourse on Shaikh-ul-Aalam’s diversity, vision, world-view, philosophy and value system must also open doors for further investigation in the study of Kashmir’s culture and civilization, with special reference to Alamdar-i-Kashmir, he said.

Noted writer and scholar Prof Gulshan Majeed presided over the function.

“There is a vast scope for propagating and adhering to the rich legacy of Reshis and Sufis in the prevailing chaotic global and regional scenario,” he said.

Earlier, CSAS chairman Prof G N Khaki welcomed Prof Parvaz and other guests, even as he highlighted the importance of organising such academic programmes.

The lecture, among others, was attended by noted academics and scholars including Prof N A Baba, Dr M Saleem Beg, Prof Mehfooza Jan, Prof Tariq A Rather, Prof Majrooh Rashid, Dr A R Shah, Dr Maroof Shah, Prof Naseem Ahmad Shah, Prof Peerzada Irshad Zia, Prof Tariq A Chesti, Dr S Iqbal Qureshi and Mr Mashoor.

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