Apni Party censures JK administration over forceful retirement rules

SRINAGAR: Apni Party vice president Usman Majid on Saturday censured the J&K government for its unilateral amendment to Civil Service Regulations for a provision to forcefully retire any government employee who has completed 22 years of service or attained 48 years of age.
In a statement issued here, Majid observed that the amendment is irrational and discriminatory in nature. “The applicability of the new rules is fraught with consequences and has created a chaotic condition among the government employees who see the Sword of Damocles hanging over their heads,” Majid observed.
He said that there is no transparent mechanism in place by virtue of which the government can distinguish and identify the deadwood in the administration. “There is every likelihood that some bureaucrats would misuse the new amendment against their subordinates to satiate their ego and whims,” he remarked.
Majid said that the new provisions empowering the government to prematurely retire an employee on the basis of non-performance, misbehavior and bad conduct are still vague and need an explanation from the government.
The Apni Party vice president said that the amendment in this regard seems to be a pressure tactic adopted by the government to cause insecurity among the government employees whose unions’ exhibit resentment against the anti-employee policies.
Majid urged the Lt. Governor to revisit the decision and ensure that the implementation of new rules for the forceful retirement of employees is not aimed against the interests of the working class in Jammu and Kashmir.


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