Two petrol-pumps penalized for short-delivery: LMD

SRINAGAR: The Legal Metrology Department today slapped a fine of Rs.10, 000 on each petrol pump after they were found issuing 30 ml and 40 ml short fuel in every 5 litre measure.
During a routine inspection of several petrol-pumps of city Srinagar under the supervision of Controller Legal Metrology Department J&K M. Akbar Wani one nozzle among several nozzles at two different filling stations were found issuing 30 ml and 40 ml short fuel in every 5 litre measure.
The functions of these two nozzles were stopped on spot and the cases were registered against the management of Petrol-pumps under the Legal Metrology Act, 2009 and each petrol pump was slapped on spot for the lapse.
Under Legal Metrology Laws/Oil Marketing Guidelines, every petrol-pump must carry a 5 litre conical measure with which a consumer can himself check the delivery of petrol-pump in case of doubt about its accuracy.
The permissible error for 1 litre (1000 ml) of fuel is ± 5 ml at the time of inspection and the petrol-pump owners have to ensure the correct delivery of the dispensing units (DU) by checking the delivery every day before putting the DU to use.
In case there is erratic delivery the sale through DU should be immediately stopped and the concerned Legal Metrology Officer of the Legal Metrology Department should be contacted in order to rectify the error.
The consumers may approach the department on the Phone No. 0194-2490390 during office hours in case of any complaint.

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