Child protection body to punish those who reveal 3-yr-old kid’s identity

Child protection body to punish those who reveal 3-yr-old kid’s identity

SRINAGAR: The District Child Protection Unit (DCPU) Baramulla, a government agency for protection of child rights, will file a complaint and impose a fine up to Rs 2 lakh or imprisonment up to six months, or both, against persons who have revealed or will reveal the identity of the 3-year-old boy whose grandfather was killed during an exchange of gunfire at Sopore.

Probation Officer DCPU Mir Kasir told Kashmir Reader that disclosing the kid’s identity is a violation of law and all those who do it shall be punished. The reason, he said, was that it could put the kid’s life in danger.

“Before the principal magistrate I am moving a complaint soon,” he said. “Violators should be punished.”

Since Wednesday morning, social media as well as TV news has been showing photos and videos of the little boy, which Amnesty International termed as violation of child rights as per the Indian Juvenile Law. The photos of the kid depict him at the scene of crime, sitting on the bloodied body of his grandfather, a cop lifting the boy from the site, and a video showing the boy sitting inside the police vehicle, with police personnel heard consoling the boy. The photos were shared first from the official Twitter handle of the J&K Police. It was these photos which were later picked up and circulated on social and electronic media.

While the video and stills were giving bad press to the police, an official statement held militants responsible for the killing, a claim contested by the family. Aijaz Ahmad, nephew of the slain civilian, told Kashmir Reader that it seems his uncle was taken out from the car and then killed. There was no bullet mark on the car, he said.

The claims and counter claims led a family member to upload a video of the little boy, in which he says that the police killed his grandfather. There was a visible alertness in his voice when he said the word “police”.

After the DCPU files its complaint, an investigation will be carried out by the police, and then the DCPU will decide the action to be taken. Those held responsible, Mir Kasir said, will be charged a fine up to Rs 2 lakh, or imprisoned up to six months, or both.

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