Seeks adequate compensation for losses due to wind in North Kashmir

SRINAGAR: Jammu and Kashmir National Conference on Monday expressed concern over heavy losses to farmers, and orchardists following heavy hail storm and gusty winds that unleashed havoc in the parts of North Kashmir the other day urging the divisional administration to provide compensation to the people whose properties and processions were damaged by the fury of weather.
While expressing anguish over the loss of livestock, property and standing crops in various Hamlets of north Kashmir, Party leaders Dr. Sajad Uri, Javaid Dar, Qaisar Jamsheed Lone, and Mir Saifullah in a joint statement said that it is heart wrenching to witness the fury that the gusty winds played the other day incurring heavy losses to people across north Kashmir. “The hapless people are beset with gloom and despondency. Struggling to come to terms with the losses, they have set their eyes on administration to rescue them from the setback. It is expected that the district administrations will access the losses at an earliest and ensure disbursement of compensation to the affected without delay,” the statement reads.
“The farmers there have little hope of getting timely recompense for their losses. Caught in a quandary, the orchardists and paddy growers are weighed down by debts. The people have spent their entire diminutive savings on the procurement of fertilizers and oils for this year’s crop hoping for a good yield to run their household chores. However the disappointing outcome has destroyed their dreams, leaving them cash strapped and ineligible for bank credit for the next season. Weighed down by bank loans, the farmers are not in a position to carry out agriculture practice in the ensuing year. They had set their eyes on this year’s produce to pay for the loans due to the bank and manage their households,” they observed.
The government in its capacity has so far failed to provide insurance and financial support to farmers in the events of crop failure, and destruction due to severe weather conditions in previous months, they said while expressing dismay over the slack attitude of the government towards redressing the woes of the affected. “Affected farmers have set their eyes on the government to help them recover their losses. So far nothing has been done. The revenue teams are yet to access previous losses incurred by them, not to speak of the recent ones. It is the agriculture which propels the economy of Kashmir, engages huge workforce in one or other way. Government’s failure to mitigate their woes speaks volumes,” they said.
The functionaries impressed upon the divisional administration to depute revenue teams to the affected areas to access the losses to people without any delay. The party functionaries urged the divisional administration and respective district commissioners of north and central Kashmir to restore the water and power supply to affected areas at an earliest.

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