Darul Uloom Raheemiyah Relief Cell helping people during pandemic

2600 food kits distributed, migrant families also covered

Bandipore: Darul Uloom Raheemiyah Relief Cell Bandipore has been providing relief and assistance to people during the present pandemic. In a statement it said that the Relief Cell has tried it’s best to reach out to the needy,hand to mouth people, labour’s and deserving families.
The cell distributed total 2600 food kits to poor & needy persons. In District Bandipora 900 families were provided with food kits from 26 different Mohallas. In Srinagar 1700 families were covered from 45 Mohallas, provided with Food Kits including basic eatable stuff and necessary items.
Besides this 150 families engaged in scrap collection living in tents irrespective of religion they followed were provided with food kits on humanitarian basis and they will be provided further relief kits in upcoming days. In areas like Kupwara ,Banihal, Baramulla, 80 plus kits where distributed
On the occasion of Eid 335 kits were distributed among needy people, cookies and milk where also provided in kits. In Srinager 235 kits and in Bandipora 100 kits were distributed.
The cell distributed around 6500 masks to the general public at various Hospitals of Srinagar Darul Uloom Raheemiyah provided cash assistance to 95 Kashmiri students studying in U. P and helped them to reach back to their homeland. Faize-aam school a unit of Darul uloom Raheemiyya volunteered to provide space to District Administration Bandipora for utilization in COVID-19 crises.
It also thanked its contributors who came forward for the needy in this pandemic.

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