NC MPs rue government’s apathy to agrarian issues

Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir National Conference on Sunday expressed concern over the slack attitude of the administration towards undertaking annual desisting of irrigation canals saying the canals require massive dredging, and shrub clearance for ensuring smooth flow of water to meet the demands of agriculture activities the ensuing year.
While decrying the lackluster approach of the administration towards ensuring smooth supply of water in the irrigation canals, Party’s Members of Parliament Muhammad Akbar Lone and Hasnain Masoodi in a joint statement said that farmers are agitating that the annual clearance of irrigation canals both Zamindari Khuls and field channels have not been carried out as yet and that the shortfall of required water, farmers apprehend will result in decline of annual agriculture produce, particularly in undulating and mountainous areas.
“It was on annual basis that the IFC department used to initiate restoration and clearance activities to ensure swift supply of water to farmers to carry out their agricultural activities. Concerned department used to take up the annual clearance and de-siltation activity during February –April every year. Disappointingly the measures have not been carried out this year, we have been receiving distress calls from the farmers across the valley in this regard,” they said.
Due to the less carrying capacity in such canals owing to high sediment deposits threat of inundation looms large over the adjoining areas of such canals; they said adding, “The less carrying capacity of such canals, farmers complain put the prospects of a productive harvest in lurch. It goes without saying that the failure of the administration to carry out the necessary repairs and cleaning will have a negative impact on the cultivation of orchards, paddy, maize, oilseeds, and vegetables. Contrary to extending the network of irrigation canals in dry farming areas, especially the Karewa lands; the administration has failed to ensure proper working of existing network of irrigation canals.”
Members of Parliament also expressed disappointment over the failure of administration to ensure smooth supply of pesticides, fertilizers and seeds to farmers and Orchardists during the prevailing lockdown in view of global Covid-19 crises.

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