A letter to my students

A letter to my students

Danish Iqbal Raina

My Dear Students

Hello, I wish you all good health. We are facing an unprecedented health and it really is a hard and depressing time. There must be so many questions swirling through your head. What impact this will have on your studies, on your career, on your families? As your teacher I wish to say to you that I am also worried, but hopeful. I know that you are a generation of smart and talented individuals who will weather the storm.
I want you to be strong, emotionally stable. It is critical to your physical and mental wellbeing. First and foremost, please take all precautions, adhere to health advisories, maintain personal hygiene and social distancing. You might be feeling low, stressed and scared. This is normal. Covid-19 is taking a toll on our mental health. However, try to keep stress at an arm’s length. Dealing with such a situation is not easy task but it is a test of your resilience. Many a time in our class we have discussed that stress works both ways – productive and destructive. It is after a storm that there appears the rainbow. Nature will greet you at the end of this pandemic with an even more colourful life.
Don’t worry about your academic loss. Soon we will be back to our classes, chasing our dreams, drawing our future on white boards and black boards. Some of you will yawn when my lecture goes beyond 60 minutes. Believe me, when you will be back, you will find lush green lawns of your campus greeting you with flowers in bloom and fragrance in the air. Soon you will be among your friends, lounging in canteens and in lawns.
Use this lockdown to spend quality time with your parents and siblings. Talk to them and listen to them. More importantly, share plenty of time with your grandparents. This is the best time to convince your parents that what matters is a person chasing their dreams, not a career.
Rediscover yourself. Think of who you are and where you have been all these years. If you know who you are, no one can stop you from achieving what you want. While the world is turned on its head, you have the opportunity to recognise yourself. I wish more strength and wisdom to you.
These days you have plenty of time. No class tests, no presentations, no assignments. When you are finished with social networking (online), please read some good books. Reading will not only improve your communication skills but also help refine your ideas and give you new ideals. Also, read the works of Shakespeare and Ghalib; in them you will find the colours of love, life, and everything else. Before you sleep, let your fingers type some good memories of the day in your notepad. After many years from now when you will be sitting with your children and grandchildren on a harsh winter night, these memories will bring warmth in your life.
And yes, do take a deep breath and think about your future. We are going to face a tough time ahead. Better to be well prepared.
During all these years I have tried to make you a better human being. This is the time when I expect you to work for the wellbeing of your family, society, country and the whole world. Please look around and ensure no one sleeps hungry in your neighbourhood. That is the Guru Dakshina I expect from you.

The writer is Assistant Professor at BGSBU. [email protected]

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