Cultural academy releases song to raise awareness about coronavirus

Srinagar:The Jammu and Kashmir Academy of Art, Culture and Languages (JKAACL) on Monday released a song to spread awareness among masses about the deadly coronavirus and the need for staying home to break the transmission chain.

The song is written by poet Muzafar Hussain Dilber and sung by Munir Ahmad Munir.

The song titled, ‘Traw Nerun Te Pherun Watan Baya’ (stop going out and roaming the streets brother), covers a wide range of aspects of genesis of coronavirus and the havoc created by it across the globe.

The secretary of JKAACL, Muneer-ul-Islam, said artistes across the globe have been encouraging people to combat coronavirus though various mediums of art.

He said as the deadly disease continues to evolve, Jammu and Kashmir is taking a proactive approach to help ensure the safety of the people.

He said there is a greater need to generate awareness among people, locally in their own language and melody-which will help achieve the goal of fighting this virus.

The secretary said the JKAACL was also aiming to get the ‘songs in plague’ written and composed in other languages too. We will be soon releasing a song on coronavirus awareness in Dogri language, he said.

Music composer and noted singer Munir Ahmad Mir said due to the lockdown, everything is shut and people back home need some entertainment.

We as artistes wanted to raise coronavirus awareness through songs and JKAACL is always there to handhold us, he said.

In these times of crisis too, JKAACL honoured the artistes and made us to do our bit to make some difference on the ground, he added.

Another music composer Muzafar Bhat said he along with his friends is running an online platform called Kashur Studio.

He said ever since the outbreak of coronavirus, they have been working on the tracks in their respective homes and sharing them with other artistes.

“We have released awareness songs. We will be soon releasing more songs to the general public, he said.

“Music is often called the universal language. Artistes have found that, when trying to spread lifesaving information about the coronavirus pandemic, it helps to have a catchy beat,” Bhat said.

“Musicians will be recording songs about social distancing, spotting symptoms and, of course, washing hands. It’s all part of an effort to get vital information about disease prevention to people who might not get it otherwise,” Bhat added

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