DAK requests doctors to provide online consultations voluntarily

Establishes COVID-19 helpline

Srinagar: The Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) on Thursday requested doctors to volunteer for providing online consultations to patients through WhatsApp or telephone, so that patients refrain from visiting hospitals.
DAK President Dr Suhail Naik said that DAK held an emergency meeting to discuss measures to fight the novel coronavirus that has affected 166 countries globally and killed 8,648 people as per the WHO.
Dr Naik requested all doctors in the valley to submit their phone numbers or show willingness in DAK groups to provide online consultations, so that their phone numbers can be publicised through WhatsApp and social media.
After the emergency meeting, DAK created a Covid-19 helpline for general public and advised people to call on the below mentioned phone numbers of doctors for consultation.
1. Dr Suhail Naik, Pediatrician: 9419032562

2. Dr Owais H Dar, Radiologist: 9906521015

3. Dr Masood Ul Hassan, general physician: 9419009325

4. Dr Masood Rashid, anesthesiologist: 7006786774

5. Dr Mir Mushtaq, orthopedician: 7006215235

6. Dr Rakhshanda, gynaecolgist: 7006287762

7. Dr Manzoor Ahmad, Consultant, SKIMS Medical College: 9419000311

8. Dr Mohamad Younis (AP Surgical Gastroenterology, SKIMS): 9797802521

9. Dr Shahnawaz Kaloo, Consultant Interventional Radiology, Max Hospital Delhi: +917835056123

10. Dr Arshad Baba, Consultant surgeon: 9906501331

11. Dr Arshad baba consultant surgeon: 9906501331

12. Dr Sheikh Shoib, Psychiatrist: 9797197388

13. Dr Yawar Yaseen, Physician: 9697364976

14. Dr Shahnaz Ahmad Sheikh, ENT specialist

15. Dr Mubashir Hassan Shah, Consultant Pediatrician: 9881342255

16. Dr Shabir Ahmad Lone, Consultant Medicine: 9596580210

17. Dr Shahnaz Ahmad Sheikh, ENT specialist: 7006564396

18. Dr Ghulam Jeelani Zargar, General Surgeon: 7006814027

19. Dr. Sajad Ahmad, Medical Block Boniyar: 9797224343

20. Dr Fayaz Bhat, Physician: 7006693156

21. Dr Nadeem, Surgeon: 7006532988

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