All shops except pharmacies ordered shut in Pampore

PAMPORE: The Municipal Committee Pampore on Thursday evening announced through loud speakers that all shops except pharmacies and those dealing in essential services have to be closed in Pampore town from Friday till further orders.
Through the announcements people were also asked to not crowd mosques for Friday congregational prayers.
Earlier, throughout the day, the municipal committee employees made several rounds through different areas of the town asking people to take all necessary precautions.
People were asked to follow the municipal committee’s orders or else strict action would be taken against them.
People were asked to wash their hands with running water and soap frequently, avoid touching their mouth, nose and face with dirty hands, maintain distance from flu patients, and patients with flu like symptoms were advised home quarantine.
The municipal committee employees also sprayed disinfectants at various places, including at administrative offices.
The municipal committee authorities also appealed to mosque Imams to play their role in helping the administration contain spread of COVID-19.

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