Release Mian Qayoom: Bar urges govt

SRINAGAR: J&K High Court Bar Association on Friday expressed concern over deteriorating health of its President Mian Abdul Qayoom and urged the government revoke his detention order and release him.
In a statement, Bar said, “A General-Body meeting of the J&K High Court Bar Association, Srinagar, was held on 30th of January, 2020, which was presided over by the Vice President of the Association. The immediate cause for holding the meeting was deteriorating and falling health of the President of the Bar Association, Mian Abdul Qayoom, who continues to be under detention in Central Jail Agra. Reportedly, he had been shifted to a local hospital for treatment where the facilities are inadequate.”
“As per the family members, who were allowed to meet him, gathered the following from their interaction: 3 ECG’s and 1 Echocardiography Cardio-graphy conducted on Mian Qayoom at a Hospital in Agra. All tests indicated serious problems including artery blockage of 60% which is near fatal at his age. His illness has aggravated to such an extent that he has been unable to walk for the past 2 days due to breathlessness and severe chest pain and has been relegated to a wheelchair,” it said.
The family members also came to know of the fact that Mian Abdul Qayoom has suffered complete neglect at the Agra Hospital, where he was given nothing to eat despite being diabetic for the entire day.
“There was no drinking water available to him other than 1 water bottle he had bought along with him from the jail and he had to bear with this torment for the entire night. Subsequent, to all the various tests and identification of serious health ailments, he was discharged the next day anyhow. His health quickly worsened as soon as he was back in prison and is in grave pain at the moment and requires immediate advanced treatment,” Bar said, adding, “In case of failure in providing medical attention or if anything happens to Mian Abdul Qayoom while in jail, the concerned authorities under whose orders he has been detained, would be solely responsible for the same.”

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