Kashmiri Pandits support CAA

Jammu: An organisation of displaced Kashmiri Hindus on Friday expressed support to the Citizenship (Amendment) Act and condemned the widespread protests and violence over it across the country.
The All India Kashmiri Samaj (AIKS) appealed to the protesters against getting misled by “vested interests” who, it said, were deliberately spreading disinformation about the new law and indulging in false propaganda for
narrow political gains.
“AIKS expresses its deep anguish and distress at the large-scale violence indulged in by unruly protesters in many towns and cities of India,” said AIKS president Tej K Tickoo.
He said the massive loss of public property caused by violent mobs across the country points to the “orchestrated and well-planned manner” in which some political parties have indulged in spreading disinformation and
instigating protesters.
“AIKS is of the firm opinion that Citizenship Amendment Act, which has recently come into force, does not concern Indian Citizens in any manner,” Tickoo said.
He said it concerns only non-Indians seeking refuge in India and will, therefore, have no impact on the citizens of the country.
“It is the sovereign right of our parliament to enact laws after following the constitutionally mandated process. In the case of CAA too, this process was followed”, Tickoo said.
AIKS said “taking into consideration the dangerous neighborhood that India lives in, surrounded by a very fragile security environment, enactment of CAA is highly justified”.
The AIKS leader said it is the duty of the elected government to enact laws that will protect India’s social fabric, ensure its internal security and protect its territorial integrity.
AIKS appeals to the protesters not to get misled by some vested interests who are spreading disinformation deliberately and indulging in false propaganda for narrow political gains.

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