Traffic jams continue on City roads

Srinagar: Traffic jams on Srinagar roads have witnessed a sudden increase during the week, with this mismanagement continuing to add to the woes of people. The absence of traffic police at many spots, now forcing locals
volunteer to helping people to manage grid-locks on Sunday.
People as well as students in Srinagar are surprised why authorities are not able to get rid of traffic jams in most parts of the summer capital.
While many blame the absence of traffic officials at most of the places and important intersections, many say shorter working hours are to be blamed for the congestion with people moving home early than usual.
Farooq Ahmad a local from Chattabal said that during the evening and morning, every time I witness long traffic jams on Safakadal area and it is only after the police from local police station deploys several men along the
road, the grid lock ends.
“A single traffic cop is deployed at Sekidefar Chowk and he cannot mange such a long stretch,” he said.
Many fell that merchandise placed on roads and stalls placed randomly along the roads also slow down the traffic significantly in many parts and add to woes of commuters.
The problem is more severe at Lal Chowk, Jahanger Chowk , Regal chowk, Poloview, Dalgate, Habba Kadal , Sanath Nagar, Rajbagh, Batamloo where regulating the traffic at times becomes the job of locals.
“It is common sight to see drivers along with locals managing traffic on the roads,” said a local who was out to drop his sister to an exam centre.
Adding that even with their own motor bike they reached the exam venue late by 15 minutes as traffic mess along the Lalchow and Dalgate area delayed their arrival, a similar situation they encountered when they came back
Meanwhile Senior Superintendent Police (SSP) Traffic, Tahir Gillani, told Kashmir Reader that private traffic has increased on the roads leading traffic jam apart from that ongoing board examination are also contribute to
traffic jam with parents opting to pick and drop their children,” he said
He added that apart from that a rush to market places around Lal Chowk too adds to the traffic congestion, and a push for going home earlier due to which vehicles are more in roads in the peak hours.
About the management he added that they are trying our best to manage the traffic flow, even though having shortage of manpower.

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