Unmarked, poorly designed speed breakers risk lives of commuters

Srinagar: The number of speed breakers that were put in place in Magam area of central Kashmir’s Budgam district have irked the local population especially commuters, forcing them to demand removal of these speed breakers.

Locals said that the ‘poorly designed’ speed breakers not only slow down the traffic but at times it can claim lives of commuters.

At least 15 speed breakers have been constructed from Makhama to Aadina residential area.

The unmarked and poorly designed speed breakers in the area has resulted in immense hardships to the commuters, locals said, adding that the authorities must take appropriate measures over it so that the sufferings of people would come to an end.

“Recently the condition of an Asthama patient in our village got worse. It took our 35 minutes to reach the Magam hospital due to these speed breakers,” Iqbal Ahmad, a resident of Makhama said.

As per reports, the road was macadamized in June 2017 and these speed breakers were put in place by the authorities on the suggestions of the few residents.

“The number of speed breakers is exceeding the limits. They prove to be time consuming and problematic for surgical patients and at times can cost precious lives,” Habibullah Dar, a local resident said.

“Had these speed breakers been put in place only near mosque or a school that was appreciable,” he added.

However, the residents of area said that these speed breakers must be removed by the concerned R&B department as soon as possible, so that the commuters can commute on the roads easily.

“The speed breakers in the area are not our fault; we had tried our best to minimize it. But the locals appealed to put in place. We tried to resist but locals didn’t listen at the time when the area was being macadamized,” said Abdul Qayoom, Assistant Executive Engineer Beerwah.

“We will remove the speed breakers provided we get the support of locals and district administration,” he added.

Notably, according to the Road accident report (2014) published by the road transport and highway ministry, 6,672 people died in accidents caused due to potholes and speed breakers across the country.

In 2017, according to the traffic (planning) Department, the police recorded 2,537 accidents upto June 30, of which 305 were fatal and resulted in the death of 325 persons.

These deaths caused due to speeding, drunk driving, and avoiding potholes and speed breakers.

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