Out of fear, bike users opt for safety measures   


Srinagar: Inspector General of Police Traffic (IGP) Basant Rath’s presence on the roads is making some impact as most of the two wheeler drivers have started using the helmets while driving. The increased use of helmets is also helping the sellers who are saying that they have witnessed increased sales from the past few days.

The scene on the roads also depict a different story, with those riding two wheelers can be seen using helmets during their ride and avoiding triple ride on the two wheelers.

The dealers who sell helmets are also saying that they have observed a considerable increase in the sale of helmets from the last couple of days.

“Earlier people were not preferring to use helmets while they were riding on two-wheelers, but from last year there was some change, but slight change I can say, however, from last couple of days, this has gone bigger,” said Majid Bhat, who sells helmets near Neelam Cinema, Srinagar.

Some are seeing the development not as because of sense of safety and adherence to the rules, but because of fear.

“It is not because that people care about their safety, they don’t, they just don’t want to get caught by cops,” said Fayaz Ahmad, another shopkeeper near Neelam Cinema. Whatever, it is, but one thing is that it is a positive change that is being observed on roads, he added.

Fayaz Ahmad also acknowledged that the sale of helmets has gone up from last couple of days, particularly after the presence of Basant Rath was felt in Kashmir.

After making his presence felt in winter capital Jammu and streamlining the city’s traffic mess, the maverick police official Basant Rath made his presence felt in Srinagar on March 20.

During his interaction with media on the same day, he had warned the habitual offenders of severe punishment if they were found breaking the law, he said he didn’t spare people who drive in expensive cars or the vehicles provided by the government.

Saying that it becomes important that luxurious cars are booked, if the owners were found violating the rules, “the fact encourages others to follow the suit,” he had said.

Basant Rath, lately, has been quite a controversial figure for his way of performing duty in Jammu and was recently warned by DGP SP Vaid to mend his ways, failing which action would taken against him.

He, however, so far seems unstoppable, while people have been appreciating his way of working that has streamlined the traffic system in Jammu.

“His way of working may be different, but what he is doing is the only way to clear the mess that is out on the streets—the mess, which at times makes it difficult for pedestrians to even walk,” said Abdul Qayoom, while walking around Lal Chowk, adding “desperate times demand desperate measures and that is what he is doing.”

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