What Kashmiri’s desired cannot be achieved, says Army Chief

Srinagar: The Indian Army chief Bipin Rawat on Wednesday said that people in Kashmir have got tired and have realized that they cannot achieve what they had desired for, a media reports said.

He said that people of Kashmir, in general, are getting tired of militancy. “It has not given them what they desired for. You cannot cede away from India. People have realized that. Some have got radicalized… I feel most of them want to join the mainstream,” the report quoted General Rawat as saying.

The Army Chief who was speaking at the Raisina Dialogue in New Delhi was quoted saying that he feels that soon there would be end to situation prevalent in Kashmir.

“If that continues, we will soon be able to put an end” to militancy in Kashmir.

He further said that it is necessary to put some curbs on access to the internet in the state, as militants often use social media for their activities.

“In a democratic country, people will not like it [a ban on social media],” Rawat said. “But we have to take a call on whether we want a safe and secure environment, where we are willing to accept curbs on the internet temporarily so that terrorism can be dealt with.”

The chief of army staff said militants were using high technology systems which “transcend international borders.” “We need to disrupt terrorists and their sponsors,” he added. “We need to identify the nations which sponsor terror.”

“Nuclear and chemical weapons falling into the hands of terrorists can be a disaster for humanity,” he said.

Rawat said that all terror outfits have a militant and a political front and to deal with the menace of terrorism, both need to be addressed simultaneously.

He said that strong curbs are put on the militant wing of terrorist organisations for their violent activities.

However, the political organisation of the outfits continue with its activities of indoctrination, spreading propaganda, generation of funds, including in the name of the NGOs, he said.

“Both the militant and political fronts of terror groups need to be addressed simultaneously,” Rawat added.

Earlier, on Sunday, Rawat had said that he favoured “ramping up” the military offensive to increase pressure on Pakistan to stop cross-border terrorism. The Army chief said political initiatives for peace must go hand-in-hand with military operations in Jammu and Kashmir.


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