JKLF aghast over ill-treatment to inmates


Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Friday condemned the ‘torturing’ of inmates in Police stations and others camps, saying that the police stations have become ‘Nazi camps’ where Kashmiri youth are being ‘tortured, terrorized and humiliated’ by police and other forces and hence pushed to the wall.

JKLF spokesman as per a statement issued here said that international human rights organizations should intervene and save Kashmiri youth from ‘such brutality’.

The spokesman said that a delegation from Sonawari today visited JKLF office and informed them about the torture and intimidation to which youth of this area are being subjected to by police, SOG, Army and other forces.

Giving details of ‘ordeal’ faced by a youth Sajad Ahmad Niay of Naidkhai Sumbal who was detained at Central Jail Srinagar from last two years and was recently bailed out and re-arrested by police, the spokesman quoted the delegation said that after submitting bail at central jail the said young man was shifted to Sumbal Police station.

“At the police station, he was ruthlessly beaten to pulp by DSP SOG and other police men and shifted back to central jail in an injured condition,” the spokesman said.

Similarly, as per the spokesman another youth (16), Ghulam Mohi ud din Khan is in SOG custody from last two months where he is on daily basis ‘beaten, tortured and humiliated’ by men in uniform.

“Another political activist Meraj ud din Paray of the same area is also in police custody from last three months and is being regularly tortured and terrorized by police,” he said, adding that the delegation provided the details of dozens of other youth who are in police custody and are being frightened along with their families.

Condemning atrocities to which Kashmiri youth are being subjected by police, forces and SOG, JKLF spokesman said that these atrocities and humiliations are responsible for pushing Kashmiri youth to the wall and hence promoting violence.

He said that police stations have become ‘Nazi camps’ where no Kashmiri is safe and “where our innocent youth are being tortured, beaten, humiliated, terrorized and pushed to the wall.”

While appealing the international community especially human rights organizations like Amnesty international, ICRC and United nations human rights commission to intervene and use their good offices to save the lives of young Kashmiris, JKLF spokesman said that world should fulfill its obligations vis-à-vis Kashmir and Kashmiris.


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