Kumar suggests talks for resolving issues 

Jammu: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said that talks, not confrontation will solve all issues in Jammu and Kashmir.

He was speaking after receiving the first Mufti Mohammad Sayeed Award at a ceremony in the winter capital.

Nitish said that he remembered his association with late Mufti since the Janta Dal days.

Kumar also offered a piece of advice to politicians, like him, some of whom after becoming a part of the government unfortunately forget to serve people and think they are there to “only enjoy fruits”.

He said those in politics and public life should work with honesty. He stressed that the public has given us an opportunity to serve them and “we need to use it to work for their betterment.”

Without identifying anyone, he said it was unfortunate that an atmosphere has developed in the country where politicians and those in the government forget to serve people and “they think they are there to only enjoy the fruits.”

“Besides concentrating on overall development, we have to work for social reforms as well,” Kumar, 66, said.

Underscoring the need for brotherhood and togetherness, the Bihar chief minister said: “We believe that when there is peace in society, it will move forward, and so the country.”

“We have to work differently, ensure brotherhood and work for peace in society. We have to see how our efforts can benefit people, especially those on the (poverty) line.”

Kumar was accompanied by Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi on his visit to Jammu and Kashmir.



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