DSE scores ‘zero’ on infrastructure development

Srinagar: Signifying the poor performance of school education department in execution of works under centrally sponsored schemes, the department has achieved zero percent target in progress of works targeted for the year 2017.

As per the official figures, the school education department had a target of 486 works under centrally sponsored schemes out of which no building has been completed in the year.

The department has started work on 164 works which are incomplete and 322 works are yet to be taken up.

Out of 24 additional class rooms as upgradation component for schools, the department has started work on nine classrooms and work on 15 is yet to be taken up.

“Out of 256 additional classrooms work on 128 has been started while as 128 is yet to be taken up,” the official figures reveal.

The department was supposed to construct 35 boys toilet out of which work on 10 was started and 25 such works are yet to be taken up.

“Besides, the department had to construct 22 girls toilets out of which work on 12 has been started 10 have remained untouched,” the figures reveal.

In construction component, the department had to reconstruct 14 dilapidated school buildings out of which work on four buildings is under progress and work on other 10 buildings is yet to be taken up.

“Under major repairs, school education department had to start work on 134 school buildings but the department has failed to take up the work on any of the buildings,” the figures state.

Interestingly, the school education department has failed to complete the target of civil works from the past many years following which the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) stopped sanction of school buildings and opening of new schools for the state.

The school education department is yet to take up work on school buildings which were sanctioned by MHRD during the year 2009-10 and 2010-11. The school education department has also left most of the school buildings abandoned as the construction on these buildings have been left midway.

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