Marshalling to perfection: Young kids feeling attracted to Wushu martial art

Srinagar: Newly established Wushu Academy of Martial Art in Kashmir is these days busy training budding athletes in the game of Wushu at ‘Gindun Stadium’, Rajbagh to equip them with the required skill set in order to shine on platforms outside the state.

The academy has been formed this year only and is currently training 100 budding youngsters for the game under the supervision of coach Asif Hussain.

As per the coach, the response for the game has been overwhelming, as the youngsters are more inclined towards the game, “there has been a great response from the youngsters, who come here regularly for training,” he said.

The training, these days is taking place inside a hall at the stadium situated in uptown of the city, and players ranging from the age group of 5-10 and 10-15 can be seen busy practicing with the fellow players.

“As of now, there are players here who belong to Srinagar, there is no one out of the city, but in future, we want to take this game out and let other kids living in other areas of Kashmir learn the art,” Asif said.

The academy is, as of now, availing the services of coach Asif Hussian, who has done a diploma in Wushu and has secured first rank in India. Apart from this, he has been awarded as ‘Sports Icon’ for the year 2017. He has also won several medals at Senior National Level.

The officials of the academy are optimistic that the academy will turn out to be greater platform for the players of Kashmir, who after proper training will be made to participate in different events on national and international level.

“We want to create the academy as a platform in itself and players will, after gaining proper training, represent the state at different events held from time to time on national and international level,” said Asif Hussain.

Wushu, a martial art and a full-contact sport, was developed in China after 1949, in an effort to standardize the practice of traditional Chinese martial arts. The sport has got immense response from the state, especially the valley.

The formation of academy to boost the sport on ground, and especially the establishment of Wushu Academy of Martial Art in Kashmir is going to act as a perfect platform for the sport to gain even more popularity in Kashmir, with the training aspect at its back, the academy is all set to make a difference.

“We are here for the kids who are enthusiastic about the sport, we are giving them full training here to excel in the sport,” said Asif Hussain.

Currently, the academy is further training several players who have already brought laurels to the state by their outstanding performance at national level, “the academy is focusing on such players particularly, providing extra training so that such athletes are able to perform even better,” said coach, Asif Hussain, adding “apart from focusing on such players, we training others as well, so that they can understand the game and perform well.”

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