Editorial: The widening rift

Srinagar: The budget session of the assembly has started just yesterday and it seems that the opposition is all geared up to corner the government on various issues. The session is not going to be an easy sail through for the government can be gauged by the fact that the opposition did not even relent on the day when the governor of the state was to address the joint session of the state assembly.

The opposition was very vocal even after boycotting the governor’s speech and they even went to the extent of saying that the speech was not even closely related to the present situation in the state nor were any issues confronting the people in the state, discussed in the governor’s speech.

The main opposition parties Congress and the National Conference (NC) have gone a step further by trying to pinpoint various loopholes in the functioning of the present regime and even alleging that the government is trying to dilute the special status of the state.

National Conference is of the opinion that the present Government has brought the State to a passé where the identity of the State and its constitutional status is being challenged and is under threat. The present dispensation, it claimed has failed to protect the special status guaranteed to the State and its people under Article 370 and 35-A of the Constitution of India.

The issue got a good response from the Congress party whose legislators took sides with the NC and demanded a serious response from the government.

However, the broader issue is how did the government led itself into a situation which it is finding hard to tackle or withstand. The answer lies in introspection as the state government has unknowingly let a situation emerge where a political vacuum has been created affecting the State’s Human Rights situation, economy and even growth adversely.

The state no doubt is faced with an alarming level of alienation, particularly in the Valley. During this year almost 117 boys have joined militant ranks-no matter few of them have come back after their families made fervent appeals to them.

But on ground there is a growing disenchantment and disillusionment across all regions of the State which is a matter of great concern. Therefore, the government needs to rethink on various issues and try to initiate a meaningful and result-oriented political dialogue with all shades of opinion.

This is easy said than done, but one has to draw a line. The assembly session is quite vital to be lost in the din and uproar of the opposition members. The issues that will be deliberated in the assembly concern the masses and any solution that is arrived at will have a direct bearing on them.

The hapless people of the state are confronted with various issues and if the lawmakers are not able to perform their duty, then the loss will be more burdening on the people alone.

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