Malik calls for poll boycott

Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chairman, Muhammad Yasin Malik Saturday said that the election, be it for assembly or parliament, Panchayat or municipal councils is only meant to strengthen ‘Indian occupation in Kashmir’ and as such should be boycotted by one and all.
According to the statement issued here, Malik while addressing the gathering said that “our revered ancestors, saints and spiritual leaders showed us the way of wisdom, tolerance, struggle and steadfastness. “We have forgotten the teachings of these spiritual leaders and because of this ignorance we are today suffering in our daily lives.”
The statement reads that Malik visited the Buqa Aaliyah Gousia Sarai Bala Srinagar to pay homage and expressed his gratitude towards the great saint who actually taught Muslims the way of living with dignity and pride.
In his speech, Malik said that “Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jeelani (RAH) led us on the religious and spiritual fronts. It was this great thinker and spiritual leader who besides providing us the much needed religious and spiritual knowledge also taught us the way of living with dignity and honor and adhering to the truth.”
“How can we call ourselves the followers of Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jeelani (RAH) when we are not ready to follow the tenets and principles rendered by him,” he said.
“Alas! We Kashmiris have ignored the teachings of our Great spiritual leaders and are today facing a Miserable life,” he said, adding that “we have lost the moral freedom granted by spiritual saints and our youth are today running away from us and even from the faith.”
Malik also appealed for religious tolerance and Maslaki brotherhood among Muslims and said that promoting mutual brotherhood is the only solution that can eradicate our miseries. “Our spiritual leaders taught us brotherhood and love and never indulged in any kind of sectarian disputes and we who believe in these leaders should also show restraint and tolerance,” he said.
“We should restore and save our brotherhood and defeat all those forces who want to divide us in the name of sects and casts,” he said.
Terming Jammu Kashmir issue as a living reality, Malik said that the people of Jammu Kashmir are fighting a war of their future and welfare. “Our struggle for freedom is actually based on truth and justice and we have been shown and taught this way of struggle for truth and justice by spiritual leaders like Sheikh Syed Abdul Qadir Jeelani (Rehmatullah I Alaih),” he said.
Appealing people of Kashmir to boycott upcoming Panchayat election drama announced by rulers, Malik said this election drama is only to negate Kashmiri demand for self-determination and freedom and as such we should boycott this drama.
“Election, be it for assembly or parliament, Panchayat or municipal councils is only meant to strengthen Indian occupation on Kashmir and as such should be boycotted by one and all,” JKLF chairman said, adding that “how is it possible for a follower of great saints and spiritual leaders to support or strengthen the hands of those who are hell bent to divide us, who want to establish RSS fascism in Jammu Kashmir and who are responsible for killing thousands and orphaning thousands of innocents like little Azra and Maryam whose mothers were brutally killed by Indian forces recently at Shupian and Handwara.”
Meanwhile, a JKLF delegation comprising of leaders Noor Muhammad Kalwal, Muhammad Yasin Butt, Zahoor Ahmad Butt and Javed Ahmad Butt today visited the bereaved family of famous martyr Noor Muhammad Tantary at Aribaldar Tral.
Paying tributes to him, JKLF delegation said that the blood of these martyrs will never go waste and the cherished resistance struggle will be taken to its desired goal.


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