US considering withholding USD 255 mn aid to Pak: NYT

US considering withholding USD 255 mn aid to Pak: NYT
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New York: The Trump administration is strongly considering to withhold USD 255 million in aid to Pakistan, reflecting dissatisfaction with Islamabad’s inaction against terror networks, a media report said on Saturday.
The Trump administration’s internal debate over whether to deny Pakistan the money is a test of whether Trump will deliver on his threat to punish Islamabad for failing to cooperate on counterterrorism operations, the New York Times reported.
It said the relations between the US and Pakistan, long vital for both, have chilled steadily since the president declared that Pakistan “gives safe haven to agents of chaos, violence and terror.”
The US, which has provided Pakistan more than USD 33 billion in aid since 2002, said in August that it was withholding the USD 255 million until Pakistan did more to crackdown on terrorist groups.
“Senior administration officials met this month to decide what to do about the money, and American officials said a final decision could be made in the coming weeks,” the daily said. PTI

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