DAK dismayed over medical privileges given to legislators

Srinagar: Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) Wednesday expressed serious resentment towards special and privileged medical treatment given to state legislators, MPs, Ministers for medical claim and treatment outside the state.

“It’s worthwhile to mention here that recently an RTI activist from Jammu had sort information about the medical claims being made by state legislators, MPs and Ministers. The reply revealed shocking information that even for minor ailments the law makers go for treatment outside state on state exchequer while at the same time the state employees are suffering & struggling for want of their genuine referrals to outside,” the DAK statement issued here said.

The statement added that there is a special provision which has been made for the state legislators through which they can avail various facilities outside and within state which in no way can be justified.

“DAK is aghast over going for treatments by legislatures even for minor ailments outside sate which is an insult to the healthcare delivery system of the state. Our health delivery has been acknowledged at Central & State level that too against all odds. Moreover it will create a breach of trust and send wrong notion between to the general public,” said the statement issued here.

Spokesperson, DAK Dr Imtyaz Banday has demanded that no special or out of turn privilege should be given to any legislature and all should be treated at parity.

Furthermore he stated that all HODs of Health Sector across state are stressed to refrain from being partial or succumb to undue pressure and abide by rules the way it’s applied for a common employee.

“By opting treatment outside state these legislators are setting a wrong precedence which results in loss of confidence of general public on the state healthcare and the services being provided thereof. When law makers on their own are breaking laws we should stop accepting good from a common man. If the Govt. can’t curtail such privilege, the DAK stresses for same privilege be extended to poor and the needy patients,” DAK statement said.



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