Aadhar ‘complicates’ life of commoners in Kashmir

SRINAGAR: Without  going  to debate whether it should  be  mandatory  or not,  but  Aadhar has become  a  problem   for thousands of people in Kashmir valley  as they   have  not  been  given  his  all important document so far even as the deadline for obtaining  it is approaching  fast.

BJP-led  NDA  government  at  the  centre introduced  this unique  identity card styled as   “Mera Aadhar meri  shenakhat”,  and  made  it mandatory  for all purposes right from obtaining   government  subsidies, opening of bank accounts, ration cards and  passports.

In Jammu and Kashmir, the authorities took up the job of preparing Aadhar  in rural Kashmir first followed by  towns and cities.

Like in rest of the country, people of Kashmir cooperated and waited for days together to fulfil the requirements to obtain it, but unfortunately, like  other services,  preparation of Aadhar was assigned to less experienced  group  of people who not only consumed a lot of time in generating  it but most people did not get the document even after lapse of two years . They also committed such a mistake that  the genuine  citizens are without this  facility on account of “technical fault” committed by the  preparing party thus adding to the woes of the common people.

A journalist, Imdad Saqi, like his fellow citizens lined up for hours together to fulfil the requirements at the first instance.  His mother was lucky to receive the document out of five-member family. He and   three members of his family did not receive the document even after making three attempts. 

He made frequent inquiries and when a lot of time was wasted in the process, he and other left out persons were called for fresh exercise. However, this time also, they were unlucky as the technical hitch again came in the way. I have visited the centre for this facility for the third time last month but this time also the excuse of technical fault was forwarded. For the last three months, we have not been able to get ration as the depot supervisor is demanding Aadhar, he said adding there is demand from BSNL and private cellular companies for presenting Aadhar. Banks are also pressing for this document, he said adding the banks have made it clear that the accounts will be closed if Aadhar are not presented. He is worried as to how to get the document now?

Similar is the case with number of families in Dilsoz Colon y Natipora, where one family member got the document while rest are going from pillar to post to get the one.

Ghulam Mohammad Malik, a resident of Dilsoz colony, told that he closed his shop   and brought all his sons and daughters from their offices for preparing the aadhar, when the party visited our locality  two  years ago for the first time. One of my son received aadhar but rest of the family members including him are without adhar.

Another person from the locality, Abdul Rashid, said he provided a full set of his house to the visiting team to prepare aadhar to all the families of the  area. However, the p arty proved a disastrous as no one received the document as they had not generated a receipt which could have enabled people to search for the documents in the internet themselves.

“I am going from pillar to post to obtain the document  but in vain,” Abdul Rashid said. He says he visited Chhanpora Marriage hall  for making  a fresh attempt to get the document but was given  a date of March next year (2018) for visiting the bureau for preparing  while the extended date   is expiring in  December 2017.

“I do not know what to do now as banks are pressing  for this document to enable me to withdraw money. I am yet to receive this month’s ration for want of Aadhar,” he said.

 A government servant, Fayaz Ahmad, said it is the government responsibility to provide the document., as it is the government which has ordered for this . It is not possible for any person to  make it on its own and present it  to the departments  which demand these documents.

It is the people hired by the government to prepare the documents. Why should people suffer for want of mistakes committed by the personnel who have been hired for preparing the document?

There are complaints that the parties who are assigned the job are demanding money. Even after paying the money, the documents are not coming through the post offices. The postmen are keeping the Dak in  a shop outside the localities to distribute it.

Another glaring example is that the parties are visiting the residential houses and demanding huge amounts for preparing the documents. There is no one to question them.

A third-gender person jokingly said he has not been lucky to get Aadhar. “Hay Hay Aadhar, kotu tchlum addhar , wapas ito addhar.”

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