CM, officials ‘confront’ slogans

Srinagar: Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti Wednesday had to face angry devotees at Khanka-e-Maula shrine after she visited the place at around noon to take stock of damage which occurred due to mysterious fire.

Witnesses said that CM Mufti visited the Kahnka-e-Maula, the shrine of revered saint Hazrat Mir Syed Ali Hamadani to take stock of the situation after the shrine was damaged in post midnight fire. She was accompanied by MLA Amira Kadal and Minister of Education Altaf Bukhari and MLA Hazratbal Asiea Naqash.

After her brief interaction with the caretakers and the officials, and after she visited the insides of the shrine, and was about to leave, some people, who had assembled there, raised pro-freedom slogans that caused the commotion at the spot.

The visit, eye witnesses said lasted for around 10 mins, after which it was all over.

“She was first welcomed inside the shrine, and after she came out, some people had assembled within the premises of shrine who raised pro-freedom slogans,” eye witnesses said.

The commotion, compelled the Chief Minister and other Ministers, who were accompanying her, to hurry and dash off in their vehicles.

“When the sloganeering occurred, the security personnel escorted all of them in a hurry and within no time they were out of site,” eye witnesses said.


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