Urs of Hazrat Makhdoom Sahib (RA) observed

Srinagar: The 454th Urs of Hazrat Sultanul Aarifeen Sheikh Hamza Makhdoom Sahib (RA) was observed with religious fervor and enthusiasm here on Tuesday.

Braving bone chilling cold, thousands of devotees also observed the night long prayers in the shrine on the conclusion of the Urs.

Special prayers were also organized at different places in which hundreds of devotees participated.

However, the main congregation was held at the shrine of Hazrat Sheikh Makhdoom Sahib (RA) at Kohi-Maran hill here.

Hundreds of devotees including men, women, old and children thronged the shrine and observed the night long prayers there. Devotees also participated in the special prayers here.

On the occasion, different religious scholars paid glowing tributes to the revered saint for his valuable religious and social services.

The holy relics of the revered saint were displayed after every prayer during the day and devotees were seen waiting eagerly after prayers to have a glimpse of the holy relics.

Scores of non-Muslims were also seen visiting the shrine throughout the day. The area has the famous Sharika Devi Temple on the western slope, on the Southern slope houses the Zirayat of Akhund Mullah Shah and on the southern side of the outer wall there is a Gurudwara.

Apart from religious places the area has its historical importance as the first fortifications on the site were constructed by the Mughal Emperor Akbar in 1590.

Akbar built an outer wall for the fort, and planned a new capital called Nager Nagor to be built within the wall. In 1808 under the reign of Shuja Shah Durrani, the present fort was built.

The devotees paid tributes to Makhdoom Sahab on the special occasion and said the shrine had been a source of inspiration and spiritual guidance for all the devotees visiting the shrine.

Meanwhile, scores of temporary stalls were erected on both the sides of lanes leading to the ‘respected shrine’ selling different types of sweets, confectionery items and other eatables apart from traditional and other goods.


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