4 months on, PDD fails to repair transformer of Shopian village


Srinagar: The residents of Kataria mohalla in Chek Sedow village of South Kashmir’s Shopian district are up in arms against the Power Development Department (PDD) for failing to repair their damaged transformer from past four months.

The residents as per the local news gathering agency alleged that the authorities are ignoring them at all fronts.

“The village is reeling under darkness from past four months. The transformer developed technical snag but unfortunately, the authorities are yet to reapir it,” they said.

“It was summer season when the transformer developed a snag. Now winter season has set we are still waiting for it,” Muhammad Aslam Kataria, a local residents said.

“Since then the transformer is under repairmen at the PDD office Shopian. We don’t know how many more months it will take them to repair the transformer,” he said.

He said the only transformer supplying power to the locality has been damaged but despite repeated requests and reminders the concerned authorities have not rectified the problem.

Kataria also said that the village he is residing in is also facing acute water scarcity. “We are being deprived of every basic facility. Besides electricity, we are not getting the water supply as well,” he said.

He said that the womenfolk in the area are being forced to walk miles to fetch the water.

They appealed higher ups to look into the matter and redress their genuine grievances at the earliest so that the villagers could heave a sigh of relief. 

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