Resolution of K-dispute ‘unfinished agenda’ of 1947 partition: Er Rasheed

Srinagar: Awami Itehaad party (AIP) President and MLA Langate, Engineer Abdul Rasheed Sheikh Monday paid tributes to martyrs of Jammu massacre who were ‘butchered’ on Nov 06, 1947.

Er Rasheed said that resolution of Kashmir dispute is the unfinished agenda of 1947 partition.

Addressing a function organized at the party headquarters Srinagar today, Organized to remember the victims of 1947 Jammu riots, Er Rasheed said, “Despite the fact that people from both the communities lost their lives in the united India, people of Jammu and Kashmir were dragged unnecessarily to suffer huge losses as J & K had nothing to do with partition and was then a sovereign state. It was the dirty communal politics of the subcontinent which dragged J & K state in the conflict as Maharaja Hari Singh despite knowing that J & K was a Muslim dominated state proffered to exceed with India, only for the reason that he was himself a Hindu.”

He said that “the shameless holocaust of nearly five lakh Muslims was not only facilitated by Maharaja himself but he sought reinforcement from Maharaja of Patiala to carry out the ethnic cleansing of Muslims in Jammu region. The way lakhs of Muslims were driven from their native places and offered to be taken to Pakistan and then butchered in the border areas of Jammu has become a dirty and black chapter of dark history of subcontinent.”

Er Rasheed added that those making much hue and cry about so called ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Pandits and crying about resettlement of west Pakistani refugees need to answer that why shouldn’t survivors of 1947 massacre who were forced to migrate to Pakistan be allowed to come back and resettle at their original places.

He said “if a tragic killing of nearly two hundred Kashmiri pandits amounts to ethnic cleansing, what name should be given to massacre of five lakh Muslims carried out within few days.

“The huge properties of these migrants have been grabbed by people of all classes in Jammu by giving it the name, ‘custodian property’. If state govt. and the centre are sincere to the people of state irrespective of caste, creed and religion they must implement the historic resettlement bill passed decades before to fulfill the principals of natural justice and also deport the so called west Pakistani refugees back to their motherland,” he said.

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