District hospital Anantnag lacks basic facilities


Anantnag: District Hospital Anantnag, one of the leading health care centres in South Kashmir is lacking in providing the required health care facilities to the local population. The hospital has not even started the central heating system to provide relief to the patients during the cold nights being witnessed these days. 

Patients and the attendants inside district hospital said that patients are facing huge inconvenience due to lack of heating arrangement. They said the patients admitted here shiver during the night forcing them to leave the hospital.

Though the hospital authorities have provided heat convectors in some wards but these are not proving enough, said an elderly attendant.

Not only this, the hospital is marred with lack of staff putting the patients to trouble.

“People are seen waiting in long queues in the district hospital Anantnag. Getting a consultation within an hour or two is a miracle. People often have to wait for an entire day before they get to see a doctor,” said a patient who was seeking an appointment.

One of the patients standing on a queue says that, one should only go to the district hospital if no other options are available.

Due to the crowd, it takes lesser time to reach a city hospital than it takes to seek a consultation in the district hospital. The hospital is so overcrowded that it has become a safe haven for thieves and pickpockets. “While standing in a queue, I was relieved of hard earned money which I had kept for my husband’s treatment who is admitted here,” said one of the female attendants. Medical authorities however, said that they have provided small heaters inside the wards, “We have been instructed to start the heating system from the 15th of November till then we have made temporary arrangements,” the official added. (Kashmir Wire)



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