J&K Bank Chairman moots idea of education, health care for staff

Srinagar: Chiarman J&K Bank, Parvez Ahmed while referring employees as the spine and backbone of the bank said that it is their sweat and services that have gone into making this bank as the flagship institution of this state. Right from the inception they have worked day in and day out to create the brand, which has come to earn the unflinching trust and faith alike from people belonging to diverse societies, geographies and economies. But are we taking care of  our staff properly.

Striking a deeply personal and emotional cord with the staff, Chairman and CEO Parvez Ahmed made these remarks on the sidelines of the inaugural ceremony at the newly built Zonal Office Complex Sopore during an interactive session with the bank’s entire management and the officers heading the business units across the north zone.

On the occasion, he congratulated the staff for quick turnaround the bank has made in its recent performance, which he said was commendable.

“Therefore, as leaders of this institution, it is our responsibility to work for the welfare of staff and make them feel comfortable, valuable besides upgrading their capacities to face upcoming challenges with same determination and commitment exhibited time and again by us and our predecessors” he said. 

The chairman pointed out that the trust and confidence of the people of the state in ‘J&K Bank Brand’ coupled with the employees’ comfort will ultimately translate into the prosperity of the state

Proposing the idea of having institutions of health and education for staff to a resounding applause, he asserted, “Often, I come to know that our staff doesn’t find time to attend social and various personal needs like attending near and dear ones to hospitals or arranging for the admissions of their kids and have to look for acquaintances in this regard. Don’t you think we need to have our own health institutions and schools for our kids?”

Linking the staff welfare directly to the bank’s progress, Chairman urged the audience to gear up for a challenging task of achieving 90 percent market share in the state within next few years.  

“We must know that our well-being is linked to the welfare of this great institution. The more this institution grows, the better and secure our future becomes. Therefore, I urge you all to gear up to achieve the challenging goal of 90 percent market share in J&K”, he added.

He stressed upon the need to strike balance between maintaining discipline of the organisation and dignity of the individuals working for it. Sounding positive for everyone working in the interests of the organisation.

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