Announcement a ‘waste of time’: Farooq

Srinagar: Former chief minister and NC president Dr Farooq Abdullah Monday said that the centre failed in all its measures about dealing with Kashmir and now after much delay has announced a sustained dialogue on Kashmir which is just a “waste of time”.

The NC leader said that many reports by interlocutors on Kashmir have been lying unattended and if the centre is serious it should present the report of all interlocutors in Parliament.

“All these reports are lying with Home Minister which should be debated in the parliament,” he said.

“What is the need to appoint another person as interlocutor? Didn’t Padgoankar hold sustained dialogue for two years. What is its basis? (Ajit) Doval’s doctrine of suppressing Kashmiris has failed. Kashmiri’s showed that the more they are suppressed the more they rise,” he said.

“They thought demonetisation will end this here, but it did not. So their policies failed and now they came up with this announcement to start dialogue process here,” he said.

 He said that BJP came up with many stands and all these stands proved futile.

“This announcement of dialogue is another ploy on Kashmir and waste of time,” he said, adding that the NC has reiterated that Kashmir is a political issue which needs a political solution.

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